A Father's Day Prayer


Our Heavenly Father, what a privilege it is for us to not only call you this, but to come to you as our Abba Father. You are a generous Provider. You are a powerful Protector. You are a kind Shepherd. You are peaceful Presence.

This morning we pray that you would pour out Your Spirit on all the men in our congregation.

For the men that are grandfathers: Father, would you empower them to set an example for the multiple generations in their family. To pray for, instruct and provide for them. Father, would you allow these men to spend their last days telling the next generation about your wonderful works and that they should set their hope in You.

For the men that have adult children: Father would you give them wisdom to instill the right amount of freedom and responsibility to these adult children that they would learn to trust You with every aspect of their lives. Would you give them the wisdom and capacity to serve their children’s growing families.

For the men that are raising teenage children: Father would you give them the capacity to be fully present in body, heart and mind to invest in these young adults that they might stand strong in this world and be a light in the darkness.

For the men that are raising young children: Father, would you give them the capacity and the energy to do the simple and mundane things that will shape the hearts and minds of these young children. Would you teach them to be patient and consistent in their discipline. Would you empower them to be fun yet focussed as they parent these young souls.

For the men who are soon to be fathers or desiring to be fathers: Father, would you pour Your Spirit of patience and preparation on these men that they might be ready to trust you when you decide to give them children.

For the men who do not have children for various reasons: Father, would you show them even now how they can be fathers and brothers to so many within your Family, the church. Would you please give these men the peace and comfort they need in this season and give them a vision for what being a spiritual father can mean in this day.

Father, this morning, I want to especially pray for those of us who as sons are estranged from our fathers or as fathers we are estranged from our sons. But for also those who have lost their father and today is a difficult reminder of that loss. Father, would you pour out your Grace this morning. Perhaps that is the grace of forgiveness. Perhaps that is the grace of reconciliation. Perhaps that is the grace of patience. Perhaps that is the grace of comfort and peace. Whatever the need is, you Lord know it perfectly and I ask that you would comfort all of us who struggle on this day.

Lastly, Father, I pray for the next generation of young boys and men. Would you allow all of us men to set for them a godly example of manhood. Would you build a mighty army of men that are generous providers. Men that are strong protectors. Men that are gentle and kind shepherds. Men that are a peaceful and powerful presence. All of this we ask of you our Abba Father because they are true of you; make them true of us this day!

On this Fathers Day, wherever we are in this journey of manhood, oh Father, would you pour out your Spirit. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Rev. Will Witherington