What is TouchPoint?

TouchPoint is an online church management system that will allow our pastors, staff, and congregation to communicate more effectively.  As a church member you'll be able take advantage of several helpful features, including an easy-to-manage online giving platform, the ability to manage your own records (such as updating your address or contact information), access to inter-church communication tools, and more.

Key Features

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TouchPoint Account

By creating a MyData account, you will be able to maintain your individual and family records with our church as well as view your own contribution statements whenever you want. Of course, if you prefer, you can still update your information through the office.

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Data Privacy & Security

The privacy and security of your data are of utmost importance. While TouchPoint provides the software, we own and maintain the data. In addition, users are granted different levels of permissions to view information on a need-to-know basis.

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Online Giving

TouchPoint makes it easier to manage your tithes & offerings to TCPC. Whether you give online or by cash or check, you will be able to log in, manage your giving, and view or print your own contribution statements.

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Synced data

Tired of having to enter your information for numerous Google Forms or having to keep track of updating multiple spreadsheets for events? TouchPoint makes event registration easier for registrants and organizers to send reminder emails, pay registration fees, and stay connected.

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Communication Tools

TouchPoint makes it easy to send custom emails to our members, small group members, and visitors. Also, TouchPoint gives us the ability to text notifications on whether small group is cancelled because of inclement weather or because your child is calling for you in the nursery.

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Electronic Check-In

By entering just your phone number, you will be able to easily check in your children on Sunday mornings as well as print name and security labels. We plan to test this system soon, so please bear with us as we aim to simplify the check-in process.


Next Steps


Already signed into your account before?

First time Signing in?

If you’re a member at TCPC, we’ve already created your account! The next step for you is to create a password
(see instructions below).


Signing In to TouchPoint for the First Time


Step 1: Request a password

Go to tcpca.tpsdb.com and click the “Request Password” link underneath the login form.

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Step 2: Enter Your Email Address

NOTE: Please try to type in the email address to which you typically receive TCPC email communication, because that’s the email address that would be “associated with your record.”

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Step 3: Check Your Email

You will receive an email from TouchPoint with a secure link that is only for you to use in order to create a password. Click that link.


Step 4: Create Your Password

Your password has to be 7 characters or longer, and have a least one special character, such as $, !, or *.

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Step 5: Return Home and Sign in

Click the “Return to Home” button, then sign in using your email address and new password.

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That’s it! You are now ready to use your TouchPoint account.