A Biblical View of Alcohol

TCPC attracts a lot of people who have never been a part of a reformed presbyterian church, and some of our practices are surprising to them.  Outside of infant baptism and worship, the most common questions I receive have to do with Christian liberties.  I think some people must  look at our denomination and think the PCA stands for Pipes, Cigars, and Alcohol!  The DNA of evangelicalism certainly has a predominately negative view toward the the consumption of alcohol, so we understand people reacting with confusion and even alarm at the sight of an evangelical community that is comfortable partaking of alcoholic beverages.  I wrote this position paper to give to people who want to understand our views on the subject.  If this is a stumbling block for you or you would simply like to understand where we are coming from, you may find it helpful…

You Bring Forth Wine to Gladden the Hearts of Man

Kylie Rennekamp