Follow-Up to "When Complacency Is Complicity"

A recent article I wrote on the late-term abortion controversy in our culture began trending and subsequently led to a wealth of feedback. Although it’s impossible for me to answer every individual question and critique, I have some follow up thoughts that I think are warranted, particularly as the abortion debate continues to intensify and is sure to be a central issue in the 2020 elections.

As I started writing my response, three separate ones began to emerge.

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When Complacency Is Complicity

The United States is one of only seven countries that allows for elective abortions after 20 weeks (the point where it is conclusively proven that unborn babies feel pain). In fact, our federal law allows for abortions through the stage of viability (22-24 weeks) all the way up to the birth canal of a full-term mother. And this past week, in particular, the often-ignored reality of late-term abortion became front and center for all to see.

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MLK Weekend? Or Sanctity of Life Sunday? Jesus Says Both.

When American churches gather this Sunday, it will be a unique window into our cultural divide. Being MLK weekend, many churches will decry the prejudice in our land. But in this year’s calendar, Sanctity of Life Sunday is also this weekend, and many other churches will decry the killing of the unborn. But very few churches, I’m willing to bet, will do both.

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Rev. Robert Cunningham
What's the Right School for Your Child?

As many of you know, our session voted for me to serve as Trinity’s interim Head of School for this academic year. While I am excited about this opportunity and trust the Lord is using it, there is one question, in particular, that has given me caution: What does this communicate to the families of TCPC that have not chosen Trinity as the best option for their children?

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