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Rev. Robert Cunningham

Senior Pastor

Robert was born and raised in Lexington, graduating from Henry Clay High School in 1998.  As a child, he received the basics of the Christian faith from his family and church, but it was through the ministry of Young Life that he first embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He attended Murray State University receiving his Bachelor’s in Communications.  During these formative years, his faith was nurtured and refined through various campus ministries, involvement in the local church, personal studies, and most importantly a fellowship with men who still remain his closest friends.  This was also the time when he came to understand and love the doctrines of reformed Presbyterian theology.

Upon graduation in 2002, he participated in a brief internship at TCPC and then moved to St. Louis, MO to attend Covenant Theological Seminary.  While attending Covenant, he received invaluable training and care from the faculty of Covenant, but most importantly, married his precious wife, Abby.

After graduating Covenant in 2006 with a Masters in Divinity, he was called back to Lexington to serve as the Director of Student Ministries of TCPC.  He was ordained as a minister of the PCA in 2008, called as an associate pastor in 2011, and then called as the senior pastor of TCPC in January of 2012.

Robert and Abby have four sons - Holt, Charlie, Owen, and Henry, and these boys are his delight. Outside of family and ministry, his joys are reading, fly-fishing, golf, and passionately (verging on idolatrously) supporting University of Kentucky Athletics.  He is humbled, honored, and happy to serve as a minister in the city and state he loves so much, and dreams of a lifetime devoted to the glory of Christ and the good of the Bluegrass.