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What is a parish?

A parish is a more-localized community of the greater local church. It is defined geographically based on zip codes. In this way, our congregation is not divided along lines of preferences, age, personality, race, etc. Rather, we fellowship in diverse community together as neighbors.

Its primary purpose is to ensure congregational care and community of all members of TCPC. Unlike Sunday school and small groups, which are voluntary, every member of TCPC is automatically placed within a parish. This then becomes the means of sessional care. Elders view their parish as the members God has entrusted to them. They pray for their people, check in with them, assist pastors when emergencies arise in their parish, and generally watch over the care and concerns of their parish. Do not confuse this with discipleship. Officers are not charged with the spiritual training of each member of their parish, rather their role is that of an overseer.

What is a parish group?

A Parish Group is a gathering of members of the TCPC community from different ages, races, gender, and personality, who all live in the same part of town. Groups meet three times per month, and each gathering consists of fellowship, food, sermon discussion, and prayer for one another. This is our church's primary means of "assimilation" into the community.

Conversely, a Parish Group is not a discipleship group, a counseling group, a shepherding group, an evangelism group, or a curriculum group. The goals of Parish Groups are fellowship and conversation about sermon applications.

If you'd like to join a group, please email Mark Randle.

Parish Groups

Parish 1  

Mark & Lisa Randle / Chuck & Kay Sox
Matt & Hillary McEwen / Mark & Marcella Garrison
Vern & Tracy Kern / Ralph & Anita Haddock
Ken & Heather Iverson / Kyle & Allison Smoot
Greg & Joann Anderson / Ken & Peggy Littrell

Parish 2  

Casey & Erica Willis / George & Holly Carter
Terry & Sherry Simmons / Brock Klein

Parish 3

Jason & Emily Delong
Mark & Kathy Deicher / Doug & Marge Hardy
David & Katrina Cowen / Eddie & Trevor Tanous

Parish 4

Andrei & Robin Shliakhau / Jeremy & Katie Kelley
Paul & Anne Briggs / Devin & Amy Johnson
Jeremy & Sheri Hart / Jeremy & Catherine Sylvester
Les Olson / Grant & Shannon Rowe
Hunter & Terrah Hamilton / Ben & Jamie Commerford

Parish 5

GEORGETOWN: Tanner & Erin Ball
HAMBURG: Tim & Jenny Green
RICHMOND: Josh & Tara Jo Crawford