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Children 4 years old through 5th Grade (completed) are invited to join us this year as we discover "The Case of the Puzzling Parables." VBS will run from July 16-20, 9:00 a.m. to Noon. If you have any questions please email Jennifer Matocha and Kristen Jackson at VBS@TCPCA.ORG. There are also still a few spots open for volunteers, if you are interested in serving.

Nursery Vision Statement

The TCPC Family Ministry exists for the glory of Christ, by partnering with parents in the discipleship of children to become corporate worshippers who love Jesus for a lifetime.

The hope of the TCPC Nursery Ministry is that every parent feels welcomed and supported, and every child begins to learn that they are created by God, loved by Him, and belong to our church body. We make every effort to keep our nursery a safe and loving environment for both the parents and children. 

Our newly built nursery wing, has 5 rooms, an indoor playroom and an outdoor playground. This wing is locked and secured throughout the morning to ensure the only people who have access to your children are our workers, volunteers and you as a parent. 

Each room is staffed with a regular weekly worker, who is there every Sunday to greet and care for your child. These ladies are passionate about children’s ministry and are loving toward the children in their room. They desire to build a relationship with you as the parent, so that you feel comfortable leaving your child in their hands.

Each room also has volunteers. All of our volunteers are background checked and trained before serving in the nursery. We have a rotating list of volunteers, so the children are gaining a full vision of the church body, the different members, and how they serve and love them.  

All of our rooms follow the same curriculum plan, so there is unity in what each of the children are being taught. Within this curriculum we have a “Big Truth” where they are taught the importance of God’s Word through one big truth every month. The big truth comes from the Bible Story that they hear, every week for a month. The children also learn a song that helps them memorize Scripture, and a specific prayer is prayed over each child in the nursery. If you want to see samples of our curriculum, our nursery director would be thrilled to show you.

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  • Sleeping/Nursing Room: this room is dimly lit and has 3 cribs and two rocking chairs for the convenience of mothers. We also have available a sound machine and a monitor.
  • Infant Room: birth-beginning to crawl
  • Crawlers (Orange) Room: crawlers-new walkers
  • Toddlers (Purple) Room: walkers-23 months
  • Twos (Green) Room: two year olds
  • Threes (Blue) Room: three year olds (must be potty trained)
    • *If you turn 4 AFTER August 1, you may remain in the nursery for the remainder of the year. We have a graduation for all of our 4 year olds into the Children’s Ministry, in the fall.
  • Indoor Playroom: each class gets a turn to play in the room during our colder months and rainy days.
  • Outdoor Playground: an age appropriate playground is available for each room to use on Sunday mornings for children to run, play and get their energy out.

New to the Nursery?

If this is your first time visiting the nursery, we would love to give you a tour on Sunday morning! If you are planning on dropping your child off, we have a check-in process that we will walk you through. The nursery is located to the right of the sanctuary, off of the Sunday School hallway. The nursery director, or a coordinator will be at the front desk ready to answer any of your questions, or check your child into the nursery through our secure check-in system. 

You can also fill out the form below to get the process started before you even get here: TCPC Nursery Registration Form

In the nursery, we recognize that you, as the parent, is first and foremost the child’s first discipler, and we are just thrilled to come alongside of you in leading your child to Christ. To help partner with you, we love to give you resources. Available outside of the nursery wing is a resource wall, where you will find the Monthly Curriculum that your child will be learning. We also like to provide the parent with articles, activities, encouragement and many more things on this wall. We also send out monthly newsletters; if you would like to be added please email the nursery director. We would also love for you to keep up with the nursery via Instagram or our Facebook Group.

If you have any further questions or comments, please email Leeann Raleigh, our Nursery Director, at lraleigh@tcpca.org. She would love to hear from you!


Sunday School is an essential part of our children’s ministry. Gifted and committed adults give instruction to our children about God and His plan to redeem people through Jesus. All classes involve age appropriate activities including singing, doing crafts, studying the Bible, and praying together.

Sunday school for all ages is offered during the Sunday school hour, between the Sunday services from 10:20 am until 11:05 am. It is divided according to age and/or school grade. Below you will find the curricula used for each class.

Please contact Jennifer Matocha for more info.

Pre-K / 4 & 5-Year-Old's

"He Has Spoken By His Son"
Classroom 126 & 109/111

The New Testament beautifully unfolds the wonder and power of Jesus Christ. Children explore the greatness of God in Christ by noting key themes found chronologically throughout the New Testament. Teachers prepare the lesson through the study of scripture using a list of key themes, opening illustrations, and application questions to acquaint children with a great God who has spoken by His Son.


"Jesus, What A Savior!"
Classroom 107

We were created to enjoy the glory of God. But as sinners we fail to treasure Him as we should. Our hearts are full of sin and we stand in need of a Savior. This chronological study on redemption explores the incomparable greatness and worth of God, the desperate condition of helpless sinners, and the all-sufficient work of Jesus Christ to redeem sinful people.

1st Grade

"The ABC's of God"
Classroom 119

Right thinking about God is essential for the life of faith. Using the alphabet as a framework for teaching the attributes of God, this study explores the delight that God has in Himself as the source, means, and purpose of all things. Each lesson asks and answers three key questions, "Who is God?" "What is He like?" and "How should I act toward Him?" as it presents a theology of God for children.

2nd GradE

"Faithful to All His Promises"
Classroom 121

God's promises are gifts to the believer. The challenge of the Christian life is not to simply know the promises of God, but to place unshakable confidence in them. This study teaches children that God's character is trustworthy; therefore, His promises are true and reliable.

3rd Grade

"To Be Like Jesus"
Classroom 123

What is salvation? How does someone become a Christian? What does it mean to become like Jesus? This curriculum helps answer these important questions by explaining elements of the Gospel message, its purpose, and promise. A major portion of this study focuses on the doctrine of sanctification - the process by which a Christian becomes more and more conformed to the likeness of Jesus.

4th & 5th Grade

"How Majestic Is Your Name!"
Girls - Classroom 127
Boys - Classroom 125

The names of God in the Bible are a reflection of His character, which is so glorious that He cannot be described by a single name. His character is communicated in hundreds of names progressively revealed in the Bible. But the focus of How Majestic is Your Name is not the many names, titles and references to God. These are merely the structure to show the greatness of our God. Each lesson presents glorious truths about God and encourages students to see and rejoice in His goodness and greatness.