2018 Ministry Update

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Friends and Family of TCPC,

Four years ago at this time, I wrote a letter to our congregation announcing the start of a stewardship campaign that would require a special measure of faith and sacrifice. The letter began as such: “God is doing amazing things at TCPC, and we think it’s only the beginning.

Brothers and sisters, this has proven true.

At a recent session meeting, your elders took a moment to simply recount what the Lord has done in and through this church since that campaign was launched—a thriving downtown campus that is fully staffed, debt free, and months away from becoming an independent congregation and a main campus facility where every square foot is now completed and utilized. Not only was all this accomplished without adding debt, we were able to reduce our past debt by $500K—praise God from whom all blessings flow!

But this multiplication did leave us facing a significant challenge to our general budget. As you read in my letter this past fall, we made the decision to preempt downtown’s launch by operating on separate budgets this past fiscal year. Essentially this required our main campus to make up the $360,000 that we would normally receive from downtown giving, an astonishing increase of 24% in giving. We knew this was a big ask, but thankfully we serve a bigger God.

The fiscal year is now complete, all the numbers have been finalized, and it is my joy to inform you that we finished $12,788 in the black!

What this all means is that our capital campaign is complete, the goals were accomplished, and in just one year we have made up the financial “loss” that came with launching a new church. So, what should our response be to all that God has done? Ask Him to do it again!

As you look through this page, you will find yourself overwhelmed in a good way.

The ministry taking place in and through TCPC is impossible to quantify, but we’ve done our best to give you a snapshot. It’s all so glorious but let us never grow complacent. The needs are too great, the stakes are too high, and the gospel is too good for us not to press onward in faith.

Although we finished this year in the black, we did not technically make our budget. Our total income was $1,854,217 while our budget was $2,047,276, but we were able to withhold expenses to account for this shortfall (primarily in the areas of staffing and missions). However, this year we will not be able to reduce our spending and will have to use the entirety of our budget.

This will require an increase of giving by 10%, not as daunting as 24% but a sacrificial challenge nonetheless. Of course my primary challenge and prayer for everyone who calls TCPC home would be regular tithing, but as you consider your year-end giving, I want to personally ask you to consider your local church. We understand there are many noble charitable causes, but I truly believe that nothing is worthier of our sacrificial giving than the Bride of Jesus Christ.

The capital campaign is complete, the most demanding financial year in our history is now behind us, and yet those same words from four years ago are as fitting as ever, “God is doing amazing things at TCPC, and we think it’s only the beginning.” 

Because of Jesus,


Financial Snapshot

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2017-18 Budget


2018-19 Budget


Where does your dollar go?


 TCPC Community


Parish Groups

We started parish groups two years ago with the goal of creating community within our church based on where you live. Currently, we have 20 Parish Groups with 361 people attending. 


“I am really excited about what the Lord has done in our parish-groups. We really believe these groups have the opportunity to be a huge blessing to the people within our community by providing an environment to grow closer to Christ as they grow closer together. I am praying that God will truly bless the community inside each of our 20 parish-groups. The infrastructure is in place for the people of TCPC to be in community, I am asking God’s Spirit to use these groups for His glory.”

Mark Randle

“Parish group has been a great chance to connect with new friends and to deepen existing relationships. We feel more connected to the church community by being able to pray for others in our community and knowing that they are praying for us, too.”

Ted and Sara Ball

Good of the Bluegrass Conference

We praise God for the impact this year’s Good of the Bluegrass Conference had on our community. Over 300 people heard Sandy Wilson share about the importance of embracing your identity in Jesus within the context of whichever life stage you find yourself in, whether that be marriage, singleness, or parenthood.

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350 Attendees

at our 2018 Good of the Bluegrass Conference

“The theme for the 2019 Good of the Bluegrass Conference is “Neighbor Love”.... how do I love my neighbor who is different from me? Russ Whitfield will be our speaker this year. Russ is the lead pastor of Grace Mosaic in Washington, DC, the Director of Cross-Cultural Advancement for RUF, and is a visiting professor in Practical Theology at RTS. The dates for the conference are February 14-16. The first night of the conference is Valentine’s Day, so immediately after the session that Thursday night we will have our own Valentine’s Day party at Talon Winery. You will not want to miss this exciting conference!”

Will WItherington

Foundations Weekend

Our membership class, Foundations, takes a closer look at the Reformed faith, and delves into topics that differentiate the Presbyterian church from other denominations. There are 3 Foundations weekends each year. In 2018, 98 people attended.


Inklings is our bookstore that opens each Sunday, with more than 500 books for children and adults in all stages of life. The mission of the Inklings bookstore is to make thoughtful, doctrinally sound Christian literature readily available to church members and friends of all ages. Our desire is that these reformed materials will provide instruction, growth and encouragement in Christian living and service, bringing honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.


Women’s Ministry

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The retreat and the Christmas worship evening were highlights from last year. We saw about 90 women come out to Boone Tavern and share in a way that required humility and vulnerability. It was also very much the work of the LORD.

The worship evening was a beautiful time of women coming together to testify to the goodness and faithfulness of our God and to remember what He has done as we looked forward to Christmas.

This year we have seen more women of all ages become involved in fellowship, discipleship, and mentorship ministries. The women leading and participating in these ministries are growing in their desire to see more of our Lord and in their knowledge and wonder of who He is as they work out their faith in the daily rhythms and routines of their lives. We've also seen greater willingness to be humble and vulnerable within these places of community.

It has been wonderful to see both brothers and sisters in Christ co-laboring in more organized and formal ways for His Glory, their joy, and the good of the church and the community at large.

As women we juggle many different hats and it is sometimes very difficult. It is important we come alongside each other and support each other. I have had the opportunity to experience this as a part of this ministry.

Company of Men


Company of men meets together once a week to have breakfast, pray, and study God’s word together.

This small group has provided me with an opportunity to develop friendships on a more personal level, and a chance to recharge spiritually before closing out the week.



The choir is led by Chelsea Steyn and Suzanne Dovel, and is accompanied by Debbie Endean. They meet every Wednesday evening to rehearse in the sanctuary. If you are looking for a community, the choir is a great way to get to know others in the church. Plus, you get to wear a robe once a week! 


Children’s Ministry

The TCPC Family Ministry exists for the glory of Christ, by partnering with parents in the discipleship of children to become corporate worshippers who love Jesus for a lifetime. In order to serve our children well, over 1,600 volunteer opportunities need to be filled per year (32 volunteers per week), so, as always, we invite you to serve our church by volunteering in the nursery!


  • Over half of the 131 VBS kids were from non-TCPC families

  • We have had more volunteers helping than ever (and we could always use more!)

  • The new nursery wing is a huge blessing!


  • VBS 2019 will be June 17-21, 2019, and we will need volunteers.

  • Currently working on how to help parents & their children worship together on Sundays.

  • Starting in January, we will have a monthly parenting SS class facilitated by Mark Randle.

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Did you know?

Over the course of one year, there are 1,664 volunteer slots that need to be filled in order to run the Nursery and children’s Sunday School

Youth Group

2018 has been a truly wonderful year in the Youth Ministry. God has used it to bring students to himself, changing the trajectory of generations, and to deepen the faith of covenant children. This year included a mission trip to Mexico, a retreat in North Carolina, a middle school “Lock-In”, and weekly meetings to study God’s Word, worship and fellowship together. A major highlight of this year was watching a student from Dunbar hear the gospel for the first time, repent, and be baptized at his family’s church that very weekend! Another highlight from this year has been our Wednesday night small groups. God has blessed this time for students to come and process their faith and life and encourage one another. Please join me in prayer that God would provide us with a wealth of volunteers to love and lead the youth of our church and city.

“I got involved in youth group because I love students, I love to invest time towards their faith at such a pivotal season in life, and I want them to feel loved and known. Over time, relationships form and as students grow, it’s so special to see the authenticity in their relationship with Jesus grow as well.”

Marissa Jewell
Freshman Girls Small Group Leader

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“The TCPC youth ministry has been a crucial part of my growth as a young man. I can’t express how thankful I am for the mentors that have had tremendous influence on me over the last 5 years.”

Joseph Waters
TCPC Student


 Local Ministry

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Mercy Ministry

The Mercy Ministry has seen many answered prayers in 2018. TCPC gave abundantly to the Mercy Ministry both monetarily and physically. A new partnership with a local elementary school has been a huge blessing to this ministry, and has provided a wonderful way to serve the people surrounding TCPC.

Our prayer for next year is that our relationship with Millcreek flourishes with involvement from members of the TCPC family.

Angel Tree

Angel Tree Christmas is a program of Prison Fellowship that serves incarcerated parents through the local church to share the love of Christ with their children and caregiver family.  TCPC has partnered with Prison Fellowship for well over 18 years.  Church volunteers purchase modest gifts for around 75 children which are given to the children on behalf of their parent who is incarcerated.  Each gift has a personal message of love from their incarcerated parent.  Gifts are delivered at the Angel Tree Party (12/08/2018) and by home delivery.

“I praise God for the Angel Tree ministry and I praise God for servants like Ruth Sloan who make ministries like this a joy to be a part of!”

Will Witherington

Room In The Inn

Room In the Inn is a ministry that our church participates in each winter, along with multiple other churches throughout Lexington, to provide hospitality for homeless men during the winter months. This year was our 7th season participating. It is a great way in which we as a church can serve others for the good of the bluegrass by showing Christ-like love through hospitality once a month.

Some highlights from last year’s season were the growth in volunteers from throughout the church in providing food and sharing in the meal with the men. Each year, the men express so much gratitude for the food and hospitality we provide. They are especially fond of our coffee! We are praying that others would take advantage to commit to help organize some of the evenings this year.



Thank you all for loving and supporting RUF. The Lord has been pleased to work in and through this ministry in many ways during the past year.

The Gospel is reaching more people as RUF at UK continues to grow! - Praise the Lord that more students are hearing the good news of the Gospel in Large Group, 8 different Small groups, 1-1 discipleship, and conferences. This fall semester, we averaged close to 70 students at our Large Group meetings, with new students coming throughout the semester. The Lord is reaching students from across the campus and cultures: committed Christians, skeptics, recent converts, future nurses, teachers, bourbon distillers, members of the Marching Band, club swim team; students who struggle with anxiety, same-sex attraction, anger, depression. The Harvest is plentiful indeed. It is a privilege to listen, laugh, weep and learn with these students.

Through the campus ministry of RUF, I heard about the good news of Jesus. It was through RUF I recognized my need for Jesus and submitted to his claim of being Truth and Life.
— Wilson Jamison, 3rd-year intern with RUF

Campus Outreach

This year we saw 97 students come to faith in Jesus Christ!  Praise God! The Lord continues to save His people on the college campus! We had the most involvement ever on our Spring Break trips with over 200 students participating, and 114 students went to our summer training program in Sandusky, OH! Please pray for the Lord’s continued protection and favor for our staff team. Below are a few quotes from UK students who have been impacted by Campus Outreach while in college.

CO changed my brothers life and has changed my life because Jesus is the center of their mission. The biggest thing I have learned in my time with CO is that Jesus changes lives.
— Jenna Lawson, Junior at UK
Campus Outreach has taught me so much about the heart of God and God’s grace. I am so thankful for the presence CO and it’s staff has had in my life because I know it has embedded things in me that will last a lifetime.
— John Stein, Senior at UK

Trinity Christian Academy

Our Church's school had an amazing year. Enrollment is at an all time high of 415, and financially we are healthier than ever before. But it's not just this past year that has us so encouraged, the future is very exciting! We are completing new space on the second floor of the Family Life Center, which will give us room to grow at our Lower School. Also, we have begun the capital campaign to build our new campus in Brannon Crossing (to find out more about Trinity's future campus, check out our campaign video.) Pray for God's richest blessings on Trinity, both now and in the years to come!


Global Ministry 

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TCPC is sending two family units to the mission field in 2019. Mark Garrison and his family will be moving to Zambia to oversee construction of a surgical hospital wing at a missionary hospital that is directed by TCPC missionary Lynn Hacker. Mark will act as the project manager, procuring supplies and materials while also overseeing the daily operations of construction. Mark’s role will be vital to the quality of the project as the new theater needs to meet high standards of design and construction not typically found in the more rural areas of Zambia.

Cailley Harris will be joining the staff of TCPC’s partnership church in Minsk, Belarus. She will assist Taras Telkovsky, TCPC partnership pastor, in women’s ministry, outreach and orphanage work. 

Upon arriving in Minsk, I immediately clicked with the people at Trinity Church. I felt a deep connection to them and a deep burden for their nation and the hopelessness I sensed in a lot of the people there. I saw their deep need for the hope of the Gospel and how the church was trying to share that hope with others in the city. I am choosing to return to Belarus long term because I sense a true calling from the Lord through my burden for these people and my love your their country.
— Cailley Harris

Global Partnerships


Cumbernauld, Scotland

Robert and his family traveled to Scotland this year to attend the wedding of our pastor in Scotland, Andy. Robert performed the ceremony fully clad in an authentic Scottish kilt!


This past year we saw a lot of great progress with the ministry partnership in Togo.  Macklann and Rose continue to be a strong witness for Christ to their family, their city and their country.  “New Beginnings” school is starting a middle school program this year that TCPC is helping fund.  Will Witherington and Mac Holt were able to spend 10 days in Togo serving at the AMANA Conference and laboring along side Macklann and Rose. The church plant in the Basse home continues to grow and reach many people in their neighborhood.

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“We thank our dear Pastors Will Witherington and Mac Holt from Tates Creek Presbyterian Church in Lexington, KY who gave up their comfort to be with us in Atakepame.”

Macklann Basse

Minsk, Belarus

Pastor Taras Telkovsky and Trinity Church celebrated one year as a reformed church plant in Minsk, Belarus. Their primary means for growing their church is through their annual English camp. They practice English, engage with the believers from Trinity Church, and hear the gospel preached. 

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“5 sermons preached. 5 Bible studies. 5 days together. When people live and eat with you, when they see Christians in life, word and actions, it makes much bigger impact on them. It is one of the most effective way of reaching new people. Please pray that God will draw these people to Himself.”

Taras Telkovsky

Valladolid, Mexico

Our church partnership in Valladolid had a great year. Filomeno Chay Tuz relayed the encouraging news that in October, they received six new members into their church, and celebrated their third anniversary of being a church. In January 2019 we will send a team to Valladolid. 

Praise God for how he's blessed our church in 2018!

Please pray with us that the Lord would continue to use our church in a mighty way, for the glory of Christ, and the good of the Bluegrass.

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