2017 Good of the Bluegrass Conference

FEBRUARY 15-19, 2017

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2017 Conference Theme:

Last year, many of you were able to participate in our Good of the Bluegrass Conference which was very successful. This year’s Good of the Bluegrass Conference will aptly explore the question: How exactly do we seek the good of the Bluegrass, and the world for that matter?

Everyone instinctively knows that something is off with our world. We witness it from afar through the endless stream of upsetting stories on the news and social media feeds, and we experience it personally through many painful circumstances of our own context. The world is broken, and we all know this to be true.

A Biblical worldview understands this universal dilemma with its brutally honest assessment of creation as fallen and sinful. In this diagnosis, all Christians agree. But when it comes to solutions, there is much confusion and debate.

Do we hide from the world though safe haven sub-cultures? Do we to defeat the world by winning culture wars? Do we legislate a better world by electing Christian politicians? Do we accommodate the world by following in its ways? Or should we just abandon the world altogether and evangelize souls?

Join us as we make sense of questions like these and imagine a better way forward, through this year’s theme entitled Restoration Project: Renewing Our Broken World by Recapturing God’s Perfect Plan.

2017 Conference Main Speaker

We are very excited to welcome one of the Church’s leading voices on cultural change, Dr. Stephen Um. Dr. Um (Ph.D., University of St. Andrews) is the senior pastor of Citylife Presbyterian Church in Boston, MA. He serves as a council member with The Gospel Coalition, and is the Training Director for Redeemer City to City. He is the author of several books, including Why Cities Matter.


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