The hope of the TCPC Nursery is for children to understand from an early age that they are created by God, loved by Him and the body of Christ, and are to glorify Him with their lives. We make every effort to keep a safe and loving environment for the children who are in our nursery. Each room is staffed with a consistent paid nursery worker and has additional church members who volunteer to assist.

Parents can register first-time Nursery attendees at the Nursery table, located to the right of the sanctuary just inside the double glass doors. Regular Nursery attendees can sign in on the attendance sheet at the Nursery table. Parents then take their child to his/her appropriate room. There are always Coordinators on duty to answer any questions or concerns and to assist parents in making this an easy transition for the children.

We provide Nursery care for Children from Newborn through 3 years old.

Infants (0-9 months, or up to crawling stage) – Room 112
Crawlers & New Walkers (9-18 months) – Room 102/104
Toddlers (18-24 months) – Room 110
Two Year Olds (24-36 months) – Room 106/108
Three Year Olds – Room 126

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